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All students interested in applying for a competitive  Allied Health program during the 2015 application period must complete FOCUS 2 prior to meeting with an academic advisor to be eligible to finish the verification/selection process. Though the average time for completing the entire assessment is only 45 minutes, modules can be completed one at a time. FOCUS 2 will save all results.

                                  The Allied Health program application period for 2015 is February 2nd - March 13th.

All other G.O.T. students must complete FOCUS 2 and then meet with an academic advisor before registration for the next semester.



 FOCUS 2 is a self-paced online career and educational planning system for curriculum students at A-B Tech. This system can assist you with career exploration, major selection, and educational planning. There are additional resources available to you at the end of the FOCUS 2 menu. A-B Tech majors included and matched with your results!

It is highly recommended that students take Career Exploration Part I and II in the Bailey building. Sign up for your session today by selecting Schedule or Cancel Your Appointment (left side of this page).


 ELIGIBLE STUDENTS have:  1) applied as a Curriculum student (or are current curriculum students)

                                                    2) completed Placement Test(s) and/or submitted transcripts

                                                    3) completed New Student Orientation


STEP 1:    Users are responsible for information in this disclaimer.


STEP 2:     Click the blue book below for your introduction.           Click below for your workbook (optional).

                  SIGN-IN INSTRUCTIONS in STEP 3

                                                   Click here to download your introduction to FOCUS 2.            Click here to download your workbook.

STEP 3:   Please read login information below carefully

      USERNAME is your A-B Tech student email address.

      PASSWORD is your A-B Tech student ID number. If your number begins with "0" or "00", then follow this example:

                                                                                                                   "00xx448" should be entered as "xx448"

CLICK HERE to login to FOCUS 2.   




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