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Submission Deadline for the 2014 issue is extended to February 14th!
Please read the guidelines below and send to

The editors at The Rhapsodist are looking for original art, poetry, short fiction, creative non-fiction, and dramatic dialogue.  Below are the general guidelines for any submission, followed by genre-specific information.  Please read these guidelines carefully.  Any documents that fail to follow the guidelines will not be considered.  Additionally, please note that publication in The Rhapsodist is competitive; therefore, not all submitted work will be published.


Theme for the Cover Art Contest

The Value of Humanities:  Show how literature, philosophy, dance, drama, and fine art influence our modern world.

Please note that art submissions must be attached in a .jpeg file format.


Submission Process:

All submissions must be emailed from a valid student email account as attachments to with the following subject heading:  “(Your Full Name as you wish to read in the published journal) Rhapsodist Submission.”  Please note that the editors will alert you of the status of your submission as early as possible; generally within a month after the submission deadline.  They will not, however, reply to any unsolicited questions.  

All submissions must be word processed in an accessible electronic format (preferably .doc, .docx, .rtf) and contain the following:

1) Please include your full name as you would like it to appear in the published journal in the subject line of your email (see note above). Do not include your name in the submission document itself.

2) At the top of your submission please include: the title of the piece submitted and the genre (artwork, poetry, short fiction, dramatic dialogue,  etc.)

3)  After these items, the text of the submission.  Please note that art submissions must be attached in a .jpeg file format.

4) If you submit more than one work, be sure to create separate documents for each work and attach all of them to your submission email.  Also, be sure to include all items listed above for each separate piece.

Please note the following limits:


Artwork:  a limit of three pieces

Poetry should be no more than two (2) pages or 400 words.  A maximum of three poems may be submitted at one time (per annual issue period); all others will be unread.  

Short Fiction/Creative Non-fiction/Dramatic Dialogue should be no more than ten (10) pages, double spaced 12pt. Times New Roman font or 3000 words.  From this category, a maximum of one short story, one nonfiction piece, and one dramatic dialogue/monologue may be submitted (per annual issue period).

Thank you for your interest in The Rhapsodist.  We look forward to reading your work!  



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