High School Equivalency Graduate 2017

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Image of Michael Hewitt in his graduation gown

"For many years I kept this journey a secret in fear of judgment and ridicule by others. Through uncontrollable failures and successes, triumphs and even tragedies, I knew that education was the way out of not only physical and financial poverty but out of mental and emotional poverty.  Growing up I never knew what it was like to sit a dinner table in the company of friends or family, but every day at the hemlock building was like coming to the dinner table.  Not only did we discuss educational difficulties but also the challenges that life had to offer.  Those discussions taught me that you may not be able to control every situation but you can control your attitude and how you handle it. "Michael Hewitt

Image of Octavius Boozier in his graduation cap and gown

"This was an amazing journey for each and every one of us in here. Don’t think we are done yet because we are not, We’re just getting started. The late study nights, the early morning test, the aggravation, but most of all the dedication to wanting more is finally paying off. Yeah, I like it. I’m proud of everybody in here no matter the race, age, or gender. You did it, it might’ve been tough, you might’ve wanted to give up sometimes but you didn’t now look at you, a graduate." Octavius Boozier 

High School Equivalency (HSE) Graduates