Course Section Identifiers

Every curriculum (for credit) course at A-B Tech includes section designators, which indicate where, how, and when the class is taught. For example, for EDU-119-LENY1, the section designators are LENY1.

The meaning of each course section designator is listed below.

Location Identifiers (Where the Class Is Taught)

High school sections held on A-B Tech campus; open to both high school and college students

E  A-B Tech Enka

High school section held at a high school site

A-B Tech South (Arden)

P  Prison section

R  A-B Tech Madison

W  A-B Tech Woodfin

X  Off-campus location (hospital, clinical, etc.)

Note: A-B Tech Main Campus (on Victoria Rd.) does not have a Location identifier. All other Locations have a Location Identifier.

Delivery Method Identifiers (How the Class Is Taught)

Work-based learning

Independent study

O  Fully Online

Y  Hybrid (partially online)

Z  ITV (live video broadcast from one A-B Tech site to another)

Note: Traditional seated (face-to-face) classes do not have a Delivery Method Identifier. All other Delivery Methods will use an identifier.

Time Identifiers (When the Class Is Taught)

D  Day

  Friday-only class

L  Late-Start

M  Minimester (four, five, or eight-week course)

N  Night

S  Saturday-only class

Note: All sections will have a Time Identifier. Some sections may have two Time Identifiers

Special Characters

B  Blocked sections for interdisciplinary or cohort study (the section is designed to be taken along with one or more other sections)

Guaranteed section (will not be canceled)

J   Honors section

Q   Intersession course

V   Veterans

WO Assigned to 100% online classes that have academic programs that are based at A-B Tech Woodfin  

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