Phlebotomy Certificate (Certificate) Cost Estimate

Tuition (NC Resident)

16 or more credit hours
NC Residents $1,216.00
Non-residents of NC $4,288.00

Fewer than 16 credit hours
NC students per credit hour $76.00
Non-residents of NC $268.00

Activity Fee

9 or more credit hours: $32.00/semester
8 or less credit hours: $22.00/semester

Computer Use and Technology Fee $48.00/semester
Student Insurance $2.00/semester
CAPS Fee $10.00/semester
Consumable Supply Fees


Books - Major Courses


Books - General Education




Background Check and Drug Screen



MMR $66x2

Varicella $99x2

Hepatitis B $46x3

PPD $15

Flu $25

TDAP $49

CPR Certification


Health Physical Exam

Per physician's fee and insurance coverage.

Professional Certification Exam