Queer the Way and Psychology students work together on Kindness Rocks project

April 30, 2019
Tech Talk

Queer the Way, a student organization at A-B Tech serving Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex, Asexual students and their allies, has teamed up with students in Samantha Castelblanco’s Psychology courses to bring the Kindness Rocks Project to campus. 

Just outside Locke Library, you will find a bed of rocks that have been painted with kind sayings that are intended to give people a positive boost. Queer the Way’s student members were inspired by the national Kindness Rocks Project, which encourages people to leave rocks painted with inspiring messages lying about for others to pick up.

Teaming up with Castelblanco allowed her Psychology students to participate in creating bits of “Positive Psychology” around campus. For Queer the Way’s members, this project has been a way to extend the love and compassion they cultivate within their community to the whole campus community. Queer the Way’s faculty advisor, Porscha Orndorf, recognizes this project as an “extension of the love and kindness these students show each other all the time.”

Members of the campus community are encouraged to take one if they need one, share one with a friend who needs a boost, or leave one for someone else to find when they need it.



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