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Ivy Building Front

The history of a community contributes to its personality. Preserving the history of a place through its significant historic resources gives a community its unique character – providing a link to the roots of the community and its people.

A restored and renovated Ivy Building will allow the building to be alive once again and relive its past as an intimate space for lectures, choral productions, pop-up art classes, as well as film, theater, and other Continuing Education Community Enrichment classes. It can even host dances once again as Continuing Education dance classes practice their moves with evening “dress up” soirées. Ivy will bring to the A-B Tech campus, and the community as a whole, much needed multi-use space to energize, rejuvenate and stimulate both body and spirit.

To learn more about the Ivy project read the brochure.



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The College Foundation along with alum of St. Genevieve’s have launched a campaign to raise the remaining $500,000 needed to complete the Ivy Building restoration. To learn more about how you can help, contact A-B Tech’s Office of College Advancement at 828-398-7177 or advancement@abtech.edu


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Mary Frances McGowan Allen SGP ‘54

Stuart Camblos SGP ‘66

Jo Salley Chandler SGP/GH ‘78

David Morgan GH ‘59

Kieta Osteen-Cochrane SGP ’60

Mary Ann Rice (A-B Tech Board of Trustees)

Jan Schochet SGP ’71

Ann Skoglund (A-B Tech Foundation Board)


1940      Eugene (Bob) Carr

1951      Wilhelmina Vander Kaaden Rhodarmer

1954      Mary Frances McGowan Allen

1959      David Morgan

1960      Kieta Osteen-Cochrane and Melinda Farr Brown

1962      Martha Eshleman

1964      Millicent Bitter Elmore

1965      Nene Shuford Gunn

1966      Stuart Camblos

1967      Debbie Anthony Dodge

1969      Brenda Lunsford Lilly

1970      Ellen Keetch Craig

1971      Jan Schochet

1978      Jo Chandler

1987      Vijay Kapoor