Welcome to A-B Tech Curriculum Classes at Goodwill!

A-B Tech is offering curriculum (college credit) classes at the Goodwill Workforce Training Center, 1616 Patton Avenue.  Non-credit A-B Tech classes have been available at the center for years, but the addition of credit-bearing courses provides students who reside in West Asheville and adjoining communities with a convenient place to take courses that lead to a college degree.  The Goodwill Center was refurbished in 2013, and the facilities are top-notch.  If you attend a class at Goodwill, you will find that A‑B Tech’s reputation for quality instruction and service remains unchanged.

For questions regarding A-B Tech Goodwill credit classes, call 828-398-7520.

Goodwill Industries LogoGoodwill Workforce Training Center
1616 Patton Avenue
Asheville, NC 28806
(828) 298-9023

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Curriculum classes starting in October

ACA 115 XYMN2 Success and Study Skills
Tuesday, Thursday 05:00PM - 05:50PM

Spring 2014 Curriculum Class Schedule

 For additional information on A-B Goodwill credit classes, please refer to Web Advisor.

A-B Tech Goodwill

Spring 2014 Curriculum Course Schedule     

CourseSectionTitleDay(s)Start TimeEnd TimeStart DateEnd Date
Full Semester
BUS 110XYD1Introduction to BusinessW9:00 AM10:50 AM1/13/20145/12/2014
CIS 110XYD1Intro to ComputersT/Th9:00 AM11:00 AM1/13/20145/12/2014
ENG 112XYD1Argument-Based ResearchT/Th9:30 AM10:45 AM1/13/20145/12/2014
ETR 220  XYD1Innovation and Creativity (Entrepreneurship)M12:30 PM2:15 PM1/13/20145/12/2014
MAT 115YN16 Mathematical ModelsW5:30 PM7:20 PM1/13/20145/12/2014
MED 122XN1Medical Terminology IIT6:30 PM8:30 PM1/13/20145/12/2014
OST 131 XN1KeyboardingW5:30 PM8:20 PM1/13/20145/12/2014
SOC 210 XYD1Intro to SociologyT11:00 AM1:30 PM1/13/20145/12/2014
1st 8-weeks
ACA 115XYMD1Success & Study SkillsT/Th5:00 PM5:50 PM1/13/20143/10/2014
2nd 8-weeks
ACA 115XYMD2Success & Study SkillsT/Th8:00 AM8:50 AM3/11/20145/12/2014
CIS 110XYMD2Intro to ComputersM/W9:00 AM11 am3/11/20145/12/2014