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Financial Aid Documentation Submission Policy



- Students within our service area must submit documents to the Financial Aid Office in person. Distance students may submit documents via student email to or postal service. The Financial Aid Office is no longer able to accept documentation via fax.

- Our Verification forms are now in a fillable PDF format. Please use the functionalities of these forms to your advantage and type as much information as possible rather than hand writing the information.

- Digital signatures can be used for most documents sent via email in accordance with College policy. If you are submitting a document with a digital signature, your student ID number must appear somewhere on the document,  your full name must appear on the signature line, and the document must be sent from your student email account, not a personal or third-party email account. 

- Digital signatures cannot be used on the following documents: Direct Loan Adjustment Form, Direct PLUS Loan Worksheet, FAFSA Signature Page, or Identity/Statement of Educational Purpose Worksheet.

- Digital signatures cannot be used by parents of Dependent students. Parents of Dependent students must provide a wet signature on all Verification documents requiring a parent signature. 

- If you submit documents via email or post, complete and include an Official Financial Aid Cover Sheet with your submission. Documents which are submitted via email or post without the completed cover sheet will not be processed by the Financial Aid Office.

- When submitting documents via email, it is best practice to submit the documents as PDF attachments. Image file attachments are acceptable if they are clear and completely legible. Do not embed documents in the body of an email.

- Do not send links that will redirect our computers to outside websites. For the security and integrity of the A-B Tech computer systems, these links will not be used and your email may be deleted.

- Only submit documents that have been requested. If you have not received an official request for a document, do not submit it. The Financial Aid Office assumes no responsibility for incorrect or unsolicited documents, and cannot process these if submitted.

- In the event that incomplete, incorrect, or unsolicited documents are submitted to the Financial Aid Office via email or post, they will be filed in our database (if possible) and assigned a status of incomplete, but not processed. To avoid this occurrence, it is important that documents are verified as correct before you submit them. If you are uncertain as to which documents have been officially requested, you may come to the Bailey Student Services Building or call the Information Center at the main College phone number (828) 398-7900.

- Per Department of Education regulations, we cannot accept copies of tax forms -- such as 1040s, 1040As, or 1040EZs -- even if printed from online tax services or personal tax preparers. Our office can only accept tax information in official Tax Return Transcript form from the IRS.

- Students are responsible for initiating their own inquiries and should not anticipate updates or follow-up calls/emails from the Financial Aid Office regarding their submissions or accounts.  If you have an inquiry, you are welcome to come to the Bailey Student Services Building or call the Information Center at the main College phone number (828) 398-7900.

Thank you.

A-B Tech Financial Aid Office