Employee Directory

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Last Name
Stephanie O'Brien
Instructor, Communication
English and Communication
Michael O'Kane
Adjunct Instr, Bus Comp Tech
Computer Information Systems
Rene Ochoa
Adjunct Instructor Humanities
Clifton Odom
Adjunct Instructor Carpentry
Construction Management, Engineering & Applied Tech
Leasha Ogle
Adj Instr Success Study Skills
Academic Related Instruction
Sue Olesiuk
Executive Director, College Advancement
Presidents Office
Jeanette Oliver
Culinary Instructor
Community Enrichment Programs
Porscha Orndorf
Instructor, Soc 9 Month
Quillon Orta
Adjunct Instructor
Computer Technologies
Richard Owens
Chair/Coordinator, Ems
Emergency Medical Science
Eve Owens
Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Engineering
Engineering & Applied Technologies
Jacqueline Owens
Career Technical Education Compeltion Specialiast
Instructional Support & Online Learning
Jacqueline Owensby
Health & Fitness Science Instructor
Jared Ownbey
Instructor, Geomatics Technology
Geomatics, Environmental & Civil Engineering Technology