Associate Degree Nursing Regionally Increasing Baccalaureate Nursing (RIBN)


The RIBN option is an A.A.S. Dual Enrollment Program offered in collaboration with Western Carolina University (WCU). Students are accepted into and take courses at both A-B Tech and WCU during enrollment in the RIBN option.

Students are required to:

1.  Current American Heart Association (AHA) Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers certification is a prerequisite to full admission and must be maintained throughout the program.  This certification must include hands-on skill components, AED use, and other lifesaving skills.  Course certifications from any other providers will not be accepted.  

2.  Provide documentation of successful completion of a North Carolina-approved Certified Nurse Aide I Program which includes theory, lab, and clinical components, no later than the first day of fall semester year two. (A copy of a college transcript or a notarized course completion certificate will be acceptable documentation).

3.  Hold a documented, current, unrestricted credential as a Nurse Aide I from the North Carolina Nurse Aide Registry and the Division of Health Service Regulation.  (A copy  of current listing on the NC DHSR Nurse Aid Registry website will be acceptable documentation.  Challenging the Nurse Aide I certification is unacceptable; an actual North Carolina-approved Nurse Aide I course must be completed (didactic and face-to-face clinical).  A North Carolina Nurse Aide I certification gained from challenging the North Carolina Nurse Aide I certification exam is acceptable only if he or she has worked a minimum 500 hours within the last 3 calendar years as a Nurse Aide I in the state of North Carolina.   Proof of employment must be documented by employer, and submitted to the RIBN advisor prior to January 2015.

4.  Affiliated clinical sites for nursing will require an onboarding process, which will include a criminal background check and drug testing prior to participation in the clinical component.  If any clinical facility refuses to allow the student to participate in clinical experiences, for any reason, the student will not be able to progress in the program.  Applications for initial licensure in North Carolina must also have a criminal background check. 

5.  Maintain dual admission and continued enrollment at both A-B Tech and WCU by completing at least one WCU course each semester (Fall / Spring) during years 1 through 3.

6.  Maintain a GPA of 2.5 or greater to progress in the RIBN option.

7.  Maintain full-time enrollment each semester if a recipient of the NC Forgivable Education Loan Program.

8.  Home school will be A-B Tech years 1, 2, and 3.

9.  Year 1: enroll in general education courses at A-B Tech and WCU as advised by the RIBN Nursing Student Advisor 

10.  Year 2 and 3: enroll in Associate Degree Nursing courses at A-B Tech and continue enrollment in WCU courses as advised by RIBN Nursing Student Advisor.

11.  Year 4: home school will be WCU

12. Successfully pass NCLEX - RN to progress to year 4.

13. See the RIBN Student Services Advisor (SSA) for the recommended course sequence.                                            

This program is approved by the
North Carolina Board of Nursing
P.O. Box 2129, Raleigh, NC 27602