Dental Assisting Diploma

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The Dental Assisting curriculum prepares individuals to assist the dentist in the delivery of dental treatment and to function as integral members of the dental team while performing chairside and related office and laboratory procedures.

Course work includes instruction in general studies, biomedical sciences, dental sciences, clinical sciences,and clinical practice.  A combination of lecture, laboratory, and clinical experiences provide students with knowledge in infection/hazard control, radiography, dental materials, preventive dentistry, and clinical procedures.

Graduates may be eligible to take the Dental Assisting National Board Examination to become Certified Dental Assistants.  As a Dental Assistant II, defined by the Dental Laws of North Carolina, graduates work in dental offices and other related areas.

This program is accredited by the American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA), 211 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611, 1-800-621-8099, Ext. 2705.

Specific Program Requirements:

  1. General college admission requirements.
  2. This program has a selective admission process. See Selective Allied Health Program Criteria on the Selective and Limited Programs page of the A-B Tech website.
  3. Acceptable report of medical examination by first day of class.
  4. Completion of required immunizations by first day of class, including first two doses of Hepatitis B vaccine.
  5. Students applying to the Dental Assisting program are encouraged to have successfully completed all General Education requirements prior to program admission due to the rigorous nature of the Dental Assisting curriculum.

The Diploma is designed for direct entry into the respective field.  Individuals wishing to pursue educational opportunities beyond the Diploma, should refer to the “Transfer of Credit to Other Institutions” page on the website.

Dental Assisting Program Goals

Patient Care
To prepare students through didactic, laboratory, and clinical experiences to provide dental assisting services in a variety of dental settings while upholding professional standards.

To provide foundational knowledge through a strong curriculum that prepares students to assume responsibility for ethical dental care and helps develop the skills necessary to adapt to a rapidly changing healthcare environment.

To promote commitment to the profession through DANB certification, membership with professional organizations, continuing education and community service.


Courses requiring a grade of “C” or better: ACA, BIO,  DEN

First Semester

ACA 115
1 Credit Hour(s)
DEN 100
2 Credit Hour(s)
DEN 101
7 Credit Hour(s)
DEN 103
2 Credit Hour(s)
DEN 111
2 Credit Hour(s)
DEN 112
3 Credit Hour(s)

Second Semester

DEN 102
4 Credit Hour(s)
DEN 104
3 Credit Hour(s)
DEN 105
2 Credit Hour(s)
DEN 106
6 Credit Hour(s)
COM 120
3 Credit Hour(s)

Third Semester

BIO 161
3 Credit Hour(s)
DEN 107
5 Credit Hour(s)
PSY 150
3 Credit Hour(s)

BIO 163 may be substituted for BIO 161 and is recommended for students pursuing a degree

Curriculum is based on the 2019-20 catalog.

  • 46 Total Credit Hours Required
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