About Career Services

Register for Spring 2016!

Registration for current and returning students opens November 16th and for new students on November 30th.

Learn More at https://www.abtech.edu/register2016


If you’re a current student, Career Development Services is ready to help you plan for and achieve your career goals. Appointments with professional staff through workshops, seminars and special events will help you select a career path and college major, learn how to create a better résumé, practice interviewing skills and research job opportunities.

Career Counseling is offered in the Bailey building on Asheville's campus at no charge.

Who's Eligible for Services?

  1. Current curriculum students OR
  2. Those who have applied to the College as a curriculum student
    1. have taken the placement test and/or submitted transcripts
    2. completed the New Student Orientation
    3. plan to enroll in the upcoming semester

For non-curriculum students and other members of our community seeking career services, please contact A-B Tech Job Club Employability Lab (phone 828-398-7333) or the NC Works Career Center - Asheville at 828-251-6200.  Madison County residents can contact the Madison Career Center in the Ramsey building at 828-649-2577.

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