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Off campus access to NCLIVE and other subscription databases

NC LIVE has been having difficulty with its federated search box (the one at the top left-hand corner of the NC LIVE home page). This means that your A-B Tech logon (your last name) and your password (7-digit student ID#) may not work when you're trying to access full-text articles. Instead, choose one of the databases in the "Browse by Subject" areas on the page and you should be able to find what you need without any further need for authentication. You will, however, need to still access the databases via the Don C. Locke Library homepage.

You can access NCLIVE resources and our subscription databases from off campus with a single, personal login.

Your individual login for all these resources is:

  • user name = your last name
  • password = your 7-digit college ID number.
    • (For faculty/staff this number is the same as your employee ID number, found on your pay stub.)

Tips for off campus access:

  • You must be a currently enrolled A-B Tech student or currently active A-B Tech staff or faculty.
  • Your College ID may have leading zeros. Your password must have 7 digits so if your college ID appears to have less than 7 digits you must enter 0's at the beginning. Example: If your College ID = 12345, the correct password = 0012345, NOT password = 12345 .
  • You must connect to the resource or database through its link in the library catalog, on the library web page, or in one of the library research guides. If you enter the URL directly into the address bar of your browser, your personal login will not work.
  • This method of access uses temporary cookies in your browser. If your user name and password are accepted but you cannot connect to a database, you may need to adjust the setting for cookies in your browser.
  • If your last name and college ID are not accepted, contact the library (x7301) during open hours for help.

Off Campus Access to STAT!Ref Emailed eBook Documents

Email links sent from a STAT!Ref database require modification before you will be able to access the eBook excerpt from off campus.  Unlike most of our databases, STAT!Ref does not automatically add in the library's proxy server URL to the emailed document URL.  You must do this yourself to be able to access the material from off campus.  Here's how:

  1. Open the STAT!Ref email message you sent and copy the document URL.
  2. Open a new window or tab in your browser and paste this document URL in the address/URL bar.
  3. Copy the library proxy's server URL: and paste it in front of the document URL.  There should be no spaces between the two URLs.  It will look like this:

The new link will route you to the library's proxy server sign on page.  Fill in your  last name and 7-digit college ID number, and you will be taken to the document.

If you have questions or problems with these steps, please use our Ask-a-Librarian email form to report a problem or call 828-398-7302 during normal library hours.