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Workplace Learning & Placement

2017 A-B Tech Perkins Grant


Workplace Learning helps to ensure a well-skilled pipeline for local industries.  Components such as internships, special projects, mentoring, pre-apprenticeship, hybrid and registered apprenticeships, are integrated into our comprehensive programs through Workplace Learning.

"Partnerships between educational institutions and employers are also key...   'New class offerings are generally based on industry request and need,' explains Debbie Cromwell, the school’s workplace learning coordinator. 'We have increased our opportunity for students to participate in some form of workplace learning such as internships, special projects, pre-apprenticeships and apprenticeships.'"  Hunt, Max. “How Advanced Manufacturing Is Transforming WNC's Economy.” Mountain Xpress

For more information about Workplace Learning, please email Debbie Cromwell at or call at 828.398.7603

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