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About BioNetwork

BioNetwork delivers education, training, engagement, and laboratory services that promote biotechnology and life sciences.

At our Asheville location, we offer K-12 engagement events, host classes, have laboratory rental space and testing services, and also have a small test kitchen for pilot testing recipes.

Educational topics include current food safety training, HACCP, PCQI, Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) for dietary supplements and cosmetics, basic and analytical laboratory skills, natural products business development, professional continuing education courses, and customized industry training.  

Our diverse outreach programs aim to support life science endeavors and awareness through community and educational partnerships, and may be geared toward K-12 students or adult learners.  Current outreach offerings include tailored classroom presentations and demonstrations, hands-on science activities, laboratory tours, and professional development workshops.  

The well-equipped laboratory space is available for rent to those interested in product research, testing, and development. Analytical testing services for raw materials and finished products include microbiological media quality control, botanical constituent quantization, and industry-specific analysis of craft beverages.

Our new Test Kitchen facility offers a rental space to batch test recipes and experiment with cutting edge food production technology, including a spray-dryer, freeze-dryer, anti-griddle, sous vide and more.