Aviation Overview

Aviation Overview

A-B Tech Aviation

Aviation Management & Career Pilot Technology

A-B Tech and our certified flight-training partner, WNC Aviation, prepare students for a variety of aviation and aviation-related careers with commercial airlines, general aviation, the aerospace industry, the military, or state and federal aviation organizations.

Learn the fundamentals of flight, aerodynamics, aircraft performance, meteorology, navigation, federal regulations, aviation management, and instrument and commercial ground training.  Optional course work includes flight and simulator training or business management training.

Graduates of the A-B Tech Aviation Career Pilot pathway who hold commercial and flight instructor licenses are eligible to be hired by Piedmont Airlines and receive up to $16,200 in tuition reimbursement. This is the only opportunity of this kind in the Carolinas. Visit the Bailey Building today on the Asheville campus to learn more or contact the Department at  (828) 782-2626 or timothypanderson@abtech.edu.


WNC Aviation

  • Career Pilot Technology graduates receive a commercial pilot certificate with an instrument rating and are qualified for jobs as commercial, corporate and military pilots.
  • Aviation Management graduates are prepared for jobs as airport managers, fixed-base operators, flight instructors, flight dispatchers, and more.
  • Over the next ten years, a significant pilot shortage of approximately 36,000 pilot jobs in the U.S., and over 250,000 pilot jobs world-wide will provide a lucrative market for new graduates to find full-time work as a pilot.
  • Post-9/11 G.I. Bill will cover flight costs associated with the Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilot license.

  • Only R-ATP school in North and South Carolina and one of 12 in the Southeast. Our graduates earn a pilot job with fewer hours than any other school in the Carolinas (1,250 hours versus 1,500 hours for all other students across the Carolinas).

Please contact Tim Anderson at (828) 782-2626 or timothypanderson@abtech.edu.

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