Allied Health Students at A-B Tech

Allied Health Overview

The Allied Health Division offers a variety of programs designed to meet the increasing demand for specialized professionals in the burgeoning health care, child care, and public service industries. The programs in this division present a broad range of career options for individuals desiring a career in an allied health profession. The division offers a variety of programs at the Associate in Applied Science degree, diploma and certificate levels. Some areas of study are offered on a day and evening basis.

In addition to classroom and laboratory instruction, each program emphasizes learning experiences at healthcare settings in the community. This extensive training at clinical, pre-hospital, or laboratory affords students a unique opportunity to develop the specialized skills required for employment in a health profession.

An individual desiring training in a health program should have a background in chemistry, biology, science, mathematics, and Social/Behavioral Sciences. The applicant to an area of study in this division should become familiar with the selection criteria and application deadlines for the specific program. People interested in a health career are advised that professional licensure, certification, employment, or admission to clinical/work experience sites may be denied to anyone who has been convicted of a felony or other crimes involving moral turpitude.


Graduation Requirements

Because of rapid changes in workplace technologies, certain technical courses will “time out” after five years and must be repeated for graduation. Exceptions must be approved by the department chairperson.

All courses with the following prefixes DEN, EMS, MLT, RAD, SAB, SON, SUR, VET, MED, PBT, and PHM are designated as five year “time out” courses and must have been completed within five years of graduation.

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