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Culinary Studies

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This certificate offers students an introductory opportunity to foodservice industry and culinary operations. The certificate is designed to enhance the professional knowledge of individuals who desire to obtain entry-level employment in industrial, institutional, and commercial foodservice operations.

The Culinary Studies Certificate course work can be of particular value to:

  1. Individuals already employed in the fields of hospitality or foodservice who desire to increase their knowledge of culinary techniques within a professional kitchen.
  2. Students who are currently completing or who have previously completed the requirements of the ACEF (American Culinary Federation Education Foundation) Apprenticeship or USDL Journeyworker Apprenticeship.

Students interested in completing the Culinary Studies Certificate have the following options.

  1. The Culinary Studies Certificate course work can be applied toward the course requirements for the College’s associate degree in Culinary Arts and Foodservice Technology Diploma, students can graduate with both the certificate and the A.A.S or Diploma.
  2. Students can earn the certificate and then complete the requirements of the Culinary Arts A.A.S degree at a later time.
  3. Students may choose to pursue additional credentials offered by the College, including certificates, diplomas and associate degrees offered within the Hospitality Education Department.


Specific Requirements

  1. General college admission requirements must be met.
  2. At least 50% of the credit hours toward this certificate must be earned at the College.
  3. Students must pass all courses required to earn the certificate with a grade of “C” or higher.
  4. Students must satisfy any course prerequisite requirements and pass such courses with a grade of “C” or higher.
  5. Students pursuing the certificate should be aware that employers in Hospitality or Foodservice can require prospective volunteers, interns, and employees to pass criminal background, drug screen, and citizenship verification checks before they are allowed to work at an organization.

Courses requiring a grade of “C” or better: CUL

Required Courses

CUL 110
2 Credit Hour(s)
CUL 140
5 Credit Hour(s)
CUL 140A
1 Credit Hour(s)
CUL 150
2 Credit Hour(s)
CUL 170
3 Credit Hour(s)
CUL 240
5 Credit Hour(s)

Curriculum is based on the 2020-21 catalog.

  • 18 Total Credit Hours Required
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