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The Writing Center is Online!

The Writing Center provides a 24/7 online mailbox service

If you are enrolled in any curriculum course at A-B Tech, you may send your paper to the Writing Center's online mailbox for a tutor's written comments by following a few easy steps:

Send an e-mail from your A-B Tech student e-mail account to  Please note that the Writing Center cannot accept submissions sent from personal or business e-mail accounts. 

Enter the following phrase in the email's subject line: Suggestions for revising _____X______(X= writing assignment topic—e.g. Annotated Bibliography on Maslow).  Please don't put other information in the subject line.

In the body of the email, list the following information to help us track your progress and share with your instructor your efforts to improve your writing:

  • your A-B Tech student ID;
  • the name and section of the course in which you received your writing assignment (e.g. ACA 115, YD7; BTC 270, EYD1; ENG 111, YN1; SOC 210, O1; etc.);
  • your instructor’s name;
  • a focused question or two about your draft.

Your tutor must also have access to your instructor's prompt and full guidelines for the assignment (in your instructor's words--not a summary). The most effective way of providing the prompt and guidelines is to send them in an attachment separate from the one containing your paper.

If you want the tutor to give you specific comments on a draft, put your Word or Rich Text document (or a section of it) in an attachment, making sure that your e-mail explains what kind of help you want.  Please understand that our tutors are asked not to proofread or edit papers for you; instead, they will help you find patterns of error and specific weaknesses in your writing, and they will give you suggestions for revision so that you can develop confidence in your own editing and proofreading skills.

Turnaround Times for Online Help

PLEASE NOTE: In the interest of serving all students who request help with their writing, tutors are asked to limit online sessions to 45 minutes, so you will want to focus your request. Sundays through Thursdays, you can anticipate a turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours. During busy periods, responses may take up to 72 hours, especially if you submit your request on a Friday, Saturday, or campus holiday; so you will want to plan ahead. We ask students not to put assignment due dates in emails. Tutors must respond to papers in the order in which they are received.

Help us to serve you better!

We want to make your experience with all of the Writing Center resources productive and pleasant so that you will look forward to using the service again and so that you will recommend us to others. Thank you for taking a few minutes to complete our Student Survey. The results will help our tutors understand the Writing Center experience from the student’s point of view.
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