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Student Code of Conduct

At the Writing Center, we make every effort to create a space and experience that will be comfortable and supportive for students. Tutors, in turn, should be extended the same level of courtesy as they offer their time and expertise to help students grow as writers. In all Writing Center conferences, tutors are entitled to the following:

  • A cooperative attitude from students that respectfully engages with and responds to the tutor’s feedback, ideas, and perspective.
  • A respectful exchange of ideas and reasonable periods during the exchange to present her or his observations and suggestions without being interrupted.
  • The assurance that the session will be focused on helping the student develop their writing, rather than a session devoted to editing or proofreading.

We know that writing can be challenging, and we do not expect students and tutors to always agree. However, we DO expect that both students and tutors conduct themselves thoughtfully and respectfully.

Students are also expected to be courteous in their usage of the Writing Center by canceling appointments they no longer need or are no longer able to attend to allow as many students as possible to be served. Students who are marked as no shows three times will have their Writing Center account temporarily disabled. Accounts may be reinstated at the discretion of the Writing Center's administrators following a student's request. 

Students who do not abide by these policies will, after a warning from their tutor, be referred to the Coordinator of the Writing Center and, if necessary, to the Vice President of Student Services.