Andy McNeal teaching a composites class

Customized Training

Design and delivery aimed at meeting your needs

When the performance gap in your plant or business could be improved through training, A-B Tech can be your training partner.  We can design and deliver, often directly in your plant, a training program to solve your specific problems.

When is Customized Training the right match to your situation?

  • When you have a business or production problem
  • When training can improve your company's production
  • When training can improve your company's sales
  • When training can help meet customer requirements
  • When training can help improve measurable results
  • When there are few students to train
  • When on-site training works better for you
  • When training needs to be done on a flexible schedule
  • When you need a technical specialist to do the training

If one or more of these points fits your situation, contact Kevin Kimrey, Director of Economic and Workforce Development, at (828) 398-7923.