Sustainability and Recycling

A-B Tech Sustainability and Recycling Commitment 

A-B Tech is fully committed to waste reduction and recycling as a means of environmental sustainability, resource conservation, and adherence to local and state rules and guidance. Our commitment to waste reduction reaffirms the waste management directive supported by state and federal mandates.


Blue and Black Bags

Blue Bag = Recycling!  All offices and classrooms have a blue bag recycling can. All trash should be taken out of the office/classroom to be disposed of in a trash can.

Black Bag = Trash can!  Lab classrooms have a black bag trash can for...trash.

Blue and Black bag flyer - click to download


Earth Day Cardboard Drive - click to download flyer


Recycling Responsibilities

Recycling Guidelines

Water Fountain Bottle Filler Locations 2/28/18