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Select an Academic Program

How to Select a Program

Before selecting a major/program of study, students must first apply to A-B Tech and complete any necessary placement requirements for the program. Students may select a program online in WebAdvisor.

Click here for step-by-step instructions for selecting a program online in WebAdvisor.

If you're unable to select a program online in WebAdvisor, you may also select your program by meeting with a College Entry Advisor in the K. Ray Bailey Student Services Building on the Asheville Campus. Advisors meet with students on a walk-in basis, or appointments can be scheduled by emailing

Deciding Which Program to Select

For a current list of the available Curriculum programs, click here. The following resources are also available to help students decide which program to select:

When to Add/Change a Program

When a student can add/change a program depends on whether the student is currently "Unclassified" or "Classified":

  • "Unclassified students" (students not in a program of study) may be placed into a program at any time, either before or after a term has begun, as long as the necessary enrollment/placement requirements have been met.
  • "Classified students" (students currently enrolled in a program of study) can only be placed into a new program for the next term; Classified students cannot change or add a program for a current term that has already begun.

Financial Aid Students

Changing programs or adding additional programs may have a negative impact on financial aid eligibility. Before changing or adding a program, please contact a Financial Aid Representative, either by visiting the Financial Aid Office in the K. Ray Bailey Student Services Center or by emailing