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Online Degree Programs and Certificates

For students who need to pursue a college degree around work, life, and family demands, A-B Tech is now offering three 100 percent online degrees, as well as several 100 percent online certificates. The online degrees include:

Contact: Kenet Adamson at or by phone at 828-398-7650.

Contact: Marlene Frisbee at or by phone at 828-398-7247.

Contact: Heidi Cole at or by phone at 828-782-2844.

    The AA (General Pathway) degree is being offered to new students as part of a strategy to create streamlined Transfer Pathways in the Division of Arts & Sciences. Students who intend to earn four-year degrees can save up to 75 percent by completing the first two years at A-B Tech. 

    The AAS in Business Administration is one of A-B Tech’s most sought-after degrees, but many business students work full-time and require the flexibility to juggle college and work.

    The Fire Protection Technology Degree is offered in a 100% online format.  Distance learning allows the degree to be completed around the student’s personal schedule without the burden and extra expense of being at a physical location.

    Fully online certificates include:

    Contact: Dr. Bo Bennett at or call 828-398-7465

    Contact: Jennifer Bosworth at or call 828-398-7373

    Contact: Jennifer Bosworth at or call 828-398-7373

    Contact: Heidi Cole at or by phone at 828-782-2844.

    Visit or call 828.398.7900.

    Professional Licensure

    *If you considering a program at A-B Tech that leads to licensure or certification and you do not live in NC, please contact the respective licensing board in the state where you reside before beginning the program.  It is the student’s responsibility to contact the licensing board in the state in which they live or intend to practice.

    Online Continuing Education

    Community Enrichment Programs offers individuals the opportunity to take online classes in areas such as Art, Photography, Music, Test Prep, Languages, Finance, Writing and more. Visit Online/Distance Learning Classes to learn more.