Meet Rachel Brommer, Volunteer for February

January 27, 2014
Tech Talk

Rachel Brommer’s Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from UNC-Asheville has not yet been responsible for her attaining a classroom assignment in her field of study, but her former roles as an AmeriCorps Volunteer, personal tutor and bookkeeper - coupled with her customer service skills- made her a great fit for the high school equivalency class run by Kim Litz, academic specialist, math and science.

She’s one of the youngest volunteers on campus but has made it her priority to work around her educational and work commitments to stay focused on her volunteer service here at A-B Tech.

Brommer has been volunteering since this past August with the mathematics instructors in Adult Basic Skills/High School Equivalency by tutoring students who need extra explanations and support in grasping mathematics concepts.  She also makes herself available to assist with clerical tasks in the classroom and this, on top of her exceptional aptitude for math and her patience with the students, means so much to Litz, that Brommer’s nomination for A-B Tech Volunteer of the Month was very time-appropriate.

Litz says, “Rachel has a fantastic attitude toward helping students and they can sense it from her. She is always smiling, enthusiastic and patient. Many of the students have commented on her pleasant manner and the patience she shows them.”

In the very short time Brommer has been with A-B Tech she has logged almost 70 hours. She has been so dependable that all those associated with her at the Hemlock building have come to heavily rely upon her in the classroom. “Rachel is always on time, if not early, and has even volunteered to come in extra days when we were very busy,” says Litz.

Litz explains that her volunteer pays close attention to the preferred instructional methods to ensure consistency of instruction to the students. This eagerness to follow instructions explicitly, and to amiably follow directions, has created a classroom environment where the students see tremendous teamwork in action.

“During orientation with Rachel I hoped she had the skills that would ease some of the pressures experienced by the high school equivalency teachers. Teaching students who may be on several different academic levels can be challenging, so I can appreciate Rachel’s easy transition into this situation and I’m thankful for her willingness to help to improve the lives of our students through education,” said Jeralie Andrews, Coordinator of Volunteer and Intern Services.

Litz lauds Brommer for the fact she, “loves mathematics and can teach it at all levels.” She is very patient with each student, no matter what their skill level. “The students have come to really appreciate her assistance and are glad to have her in the class at any time,” says Litz. Brommer’s academic skills aren’t the only qualities for which Litz is grateful.  “Rachel is a funny, bright person and the students appreciate her passion for mathematics too. She gives clear, simple explanations of mathematical concepts to the students so they can easily understand what she is trying to teach them,” she said.  “I could not ask for a more helpful, enthusiastic volunteer.”  

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