RISE at A-B Tech Through the Food Pantry

January 8, 2019
Tech Talk

Throughout the year, students struggle through many obstacles. Unfortunately, those obstacles are not always academically related. Students on our campus deal with things like homelessness, domestic violence, substance misuse, and food insecurity.

A-B Tech does what it can to support students’ various needs. One of those ways is through Support Services food pantry. Recently, students from our Criminal Justice program gathered donations and delivered them to Bailey Student Service Center to be utilized in the food pantry. This amazing donation included all the fixin’s for a holiday feast. Cans of vegetables, yams, pumpkin pie filling, as well as, stuffing mix, pie crusts, and instant mashed potatoes are now available for any student in need.

The division on Academic Success and Public Service also made a large donation of items to the food pantry with a Harry Potter theme supporting the muggles. What a wonderful work family we have! 

If you know of a student who is in need of support, please send them to Support Services in the Bailey Student Service Center.

There is also another pantry in the Ferguson Allied Health/Workforce Development building through the Medical Assisting Health Clinic. The Health Clinic is open to students and employees on Wednesdays from 12 to 3 pm. Please contact healthclinic@abtech.edu for more information.

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