RISE at A-B Tech

September 10, 2018
Tech Talk

A-B Tech commits to demonstrating an inclusive and welcoming culture of respect, integrity and support for everyone. To further support this culture of service statement, banners have been placed at A-B Tech locations in Buncombe and Madison counties. A-B Tech graduate and current EMS Continuing Education Coordinator Wendy Gade snapped some photos at A-B Tech Woodfin, showing Clint Gorman, Dean of Emergency Services, doing his best to create a welcoming culture.

“I was leaving about 5 p.m. on Friday afternoon and saw Clint Gorman on top of the portico to the front entrance washing windows,” Gade wrote. “Apparently, the windows get pretty dirty from the rain hitting the roof top, and the window cleaners had not come in time for the first day of classes, so the Dean of Emergency Services took it upon himself to clean the windows.”

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