Plant Sale April 26

March 12, 2019
Tech Talk

The  Annual Sarah Gnilka Memorial Plant Sale will start at 8 a.m. Friday, April 26 on the lawn of Sycamore!  Plants are available for $3 per 4-pack.
The address is 29 Tech Dr. Asheville, NC 28801

70 Different Varieties!
Scroll Down for the List of Plants!

*All Proceeds go directly to the Gnilka Memorial Scholarship!

*All plants are raised from seed in the Sycamore Greenhouse at A-B Tech!
*Non-GMO Seed from FEDCO Seed Company, Organically Grown!

Feel free to contact  with questions!

954B - Diplomat Galia-type Melons 
1003B - Blacktail Mountain OG Red & Pink Flesh Watermelon
1218C - Sassy Pickling Cucumbers 
1328B - General Lee Slicing Cucumbers 
1406C - Spineless Beauty Zucchini 
1507C - Gentry Yellow Summer Squash
1580B - Sunburst Patty Pan Squash 
1611C - Zeppelin Delicata OG Delicata 
1683B - Burpee’s Butterbush OG Butternut 
1962C - Luffa Luffa 
2408A - Lincoln Leeks
2454A - Expression Yellow Storage Onions 
2485A - Rossa Lunga di Tropea Red Summer Onions 
2811A - Buttercrunch Butterhead Lettuce
2980B - Lettuce Mix Lettuce Mix 
3036B - Bright Lights Chard 
3158A - Gigante d’Italia Parsley
3303B - Tendergreen Broccoli
3352A - Golden Acre Green Cabbages 
3378A - Melissa Savoy Cabbages 
3467A - Nero di Tuscana Dinosaur Kale 
3616A - Afina Cutting Celery Celery 
3630A - Redventure OG Celery 
3673B - Pingtung Long Elongated Eggplants 
3685A - Black King Bell-shaped Eggplants 
3695B - Cajun Jewel OG Okra
3701C - Takii’s New Ace Sweet Bells 
3735C - Chocolate OG Sweet Bells 
3762D - Jimmy Nardello’s OG Elongated Sweet Peppers 
3821C - Long Red Narrow Cayenne Hot Peppers 
3834C - Early Jalapeño Hot Peppers 
3874B - Orange Habanero Hot Peppers 
4041C - Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye OG Slicing Tomatoes 
4049C - Pruden’s Purple OG Slicing Tomatoes 
4054C - Goldie OG Slicing Tomatoes 
4057C - Green Zebra OG Slicing Tomatoes
4071C - Soldacki OG Slicing Tomatoes 
4106C - Honeydrop ECO Small-Fruited Tomatoes 
4111C - Sweet Aperitif Small-Fruited Tomatoes 
4137C - Orange Banana OG Paste Tomatoes 
4250B - Sun Gold Small-Fruited Tomatoes 
4418B - Genovese Basil Basil 
4470A - Thai Basil Basil 
4567A - Bronze Fennel OG Fennel 
4648A - Greek Oregano Oregano
4664B - Broadleaf Sage Herbs
4684A - Stevia Herbs
4687A - German Thyme Herbs 
4803A - Summer Pastels Achillea 
4837A - Elephant Head OG Amaranths 
4927B - Solar Flashback Mix OG Calendulas
5045A - Harlequin Mix Dahlia OG Dahlia 
5047A - Alaska Strain Daisies 
5116A - Marine Heliotrope Heliotrope 
5171A - Lavatera Mix Lavateras 
5224A - Brocade Mix Marigold - French 
5280B - Alaska Mix Nasturtiums 
5300A - Only the Lonely Nicotiana ECO Nicotiana
5488A - Monstrosum Mix Strawflowers 
5521B - Moulin Rouge Sunflowers

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