Mountain Lion Trailblazer Promise Signed

Tony Floyd and Dennis King signing the MOU
February 2, 2020
Tech Talk

Leaders of A-B Tech and Mars Hill University (MHU) signed memorandum of understanding between the two institutions of higher education that guarantees admission to Mars Hill for all A-B Tech graduates who satisfy specific requirements.

A-B Tech President Dennis King and Mars Hill President Tony Floyd signed the document to establish the Mountain Lion Trailblazer Promise. The direct-entry admission program, which derives its name from the mascots for both institutions, affords A-B Tech students access to information about academic programs, transfer pathways, faculty, and staff at the MHU campus who will facilitate their transition to the University.

About 50 percent of A-B Tech students are enrolled in a transfer program, King said. “The next step from us was to make sure those first two years of the degree fit in a seamlessly as possible with the universities to which our students transfer. This is an outstanding university, and we know that our students will do well here when they come.”

“This agreement is paving the way for A-B Tech students to have a very easy transition into Mars Hill and for us to be here for them and to welcome them when they get their degree at A-B Tech,” Floyd said.

To participate in the Mountain Lion Trailblazer Program, students must meet several conditions, including:

  • Be a currently enrolled student at A-B Tech in a degree-seeking capacity
  • Submit MHU application for admission and disciplinary forms by MHU deadlines
  • Submit application fee or waiver and fulfill all commitment actions steps
  • Be in good academic standing at A-B Tech and other institutions attended
  • Demonstrate good citizenship and conduct
  • Earn and maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 at A-B Tech Community College
  • Earn an Associate’s degree from A-B Tech in a college transfer program or in an applied program for which an articulation agreement exists
  • Enroll at MHU within one academic year (within the next two regular terms of completion of the associate degree)

Although the Mountain Lion Trailblazer Program does guarantee admission to MHU for those A-B Tech graduates who meet the requirements, it does not guarantee admission into a specific degree program. Some programs of study at MHU have their own admission criteria, standards, policies, processes and deadlines.

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