Meet A-B Tech Volunteer Bob Day

August 11, 2014
Tech Talk

“I am consistently and pleasantly astonished with the level of devotion A-B Tech Volunteers have for their individual duties on campus and the attention they give to the needs of their station supervisors.”

Jeralie Andrews, Coordinator of Volunteer and Intern Services for A-B Tech, said this after speaking with a number of her colleagues about the volunteers in their departments. Praises, one after the other, resounded from departments within basic skills all the way to workforce development.

Especially deserving of public shout-outs is volunteer Bob Day. With an A.B, M.Ed. and Ph.D., from some of the most recognized schools in the country, and the latter achievement in higher education administration, Day has direct community college employment experience which has shaped his appreciation and respect for these two-year educational institutions. He supports A-B Tech in many ways and accolades about him from staff here are in no short supply. “Bob is always eager to help in any project and has provided invaluable insight and support to our college advancement team based on his experience raising funds for other community colleges,” said Mark Newman, Alumni Relations and Resource Development Coordinator.

Once a week, for several hours, Day will be found in financial aid in Baily helping students complete the federal forms for financial aid online. He especially enjoys this one-on-one contact he has with new and existing students. Every Friday he heads to Fernihurst where he performs tasks related to donor outreach. “Bob is a pleasure to work with,” says Sue Olesiuk, Executive Director of College Advancement. “Bob is first and foremost a professional. He is invitational and thorough and responsible,” she noted.

Day authored, or co-authored, published articles on the areas of historically-black colleges, accreditation of two-year colleges in the South, Tech Prep in community colleges, distance learning, economic initiatives in community colleges, and curriculum program evaluation in community colleges. He served as consultant to eight (8) community colleges in four states in areas of Title III of the Higher Education Act, College Technology Centers, TRIO Programs, and Economic Development projects; served on Southern Association of Colleges and Schools visiting teams to community colleges; on the National Center for Research in Technical Education consultant team; on  Work-Based Learning in community college and was a consultant to the state team hosting a regional vocational rehabilitation conference on serving deaf persons,  raising over $50,000 to support the conference.

“I know Bob will read this and perhaps cringe with embarrassment that we’re extolling his pre-retirement achievements,” says Andrews. “So, from here on in, we’ll commend him on his dexterity in folding letters and stuffing hundreds of envelopes; his helpfulness with getting students through the FAFSA process for federal student aid; his skills assisting the grant writer, staff and faculty with applying for grant money; his willingness to act as a mentor to an A-B Tech student and his willingness to address other needs of the student population by donating to the scholarship fund.” Olesiuk says, “No task is too small or too complex for Bob to tackle and we value his input as well as his volunteer work.”

Day has contributed 127 hours of volunteer service to A-B Tech in just six months – January through June. Day’s appreciation of community colleges and his dedicated philanthropic endeavors make him a valued member of the college advancement office and a rightful recipient of admiration throughout the college. 

“Bob is always so accommodating of our requests. He goes above and beyond to help us out with whatever we need – anything from researching information on local businesses to helping update our scholarship database, to stuffing golf goodie bags. He is fantastic,” said Susan Haldane, Special Events Coordinator.

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