Foundations Class Create Scarecrows for Hemlock Gardens

Three people and a scarecrow
October 2, 2019
Tech Talk

Students in the Foundations classes held an End of Summer Celebration and Scarecrow contest in the gardens adjacent to the Hemlock Building.

As a Project-Based Learning activity the Scarecrow Theme Class Activities included:

  • Spelling list for scarecrow theme - some easy and some hard vocabulary
  • “Let's Draw a Scarecrow”
    A great verbal step-by-step direction activity
    Some difficult verbiage that could be modified so students are able to follow the directions
    Several steps, so lesson could be taught over several days, depending on level of students
  • Math bingo game
    Index cards with addition equations and laminated boards  

Scarecrow Awards

  • 1st place tied between Captain Underpants and Victor/Victoria
  • 2nd place went to Gardenia
  • 3rd place went to Pat

See more photos from the event here



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