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Pictured are RISE nominees Becky Watkins, Sarah Benson, Dana Moore and Cathy Strohm-Horton with President Dennis King.
October 2, 2019
Tech Talk

Congratulations for the following employees honored for RISE, Annual Awards and Service Awards:

Cathy Strohm-Horton, Spring Semester RISE Award

Cathy’s nominator wrote “She has no problem answering questions a student, faculty, or staff member brings to her and will go above and beyond for that person If need be. She is the epitome of our school’s RISE standard and deserves every bit of recognition for the spectacular job she does every day.”

Marlene Frisbee, Faculty Member of the Year

Marlene is a full-time business and marketing instructor who serves as Chair of the Business Administration Department and as faculty advisor for Phi Beta Lambda.  In her nomination, Marlene was cited for a personal approach that makes each of her students feel valued, a teaching methodology that provides both academic and practical real-world experiences, and for her strong support of the faculty in her department.

Brian Newsom, Adjunct Faculty Member of the Year

Brian is an adjunct EMS instructor who is a favorite of his students. In nominating him for this award, they cited his dedication, professionalism, mental focus, in-depth knowledge of cardiology, and ability to explain complicated medical terminology.

Laurie Manley, Staff Member of the Year

Laurie has been with A-B Tech for more than 25 years and is a Programmer Analyst III in the IT Department. Laurie is known as our “Colleague expert” and as someone who is always on call to solve problems related to Colleague. One of Laurie’s nominations was a joint nomination from five directors in different departments that said, in part: “I do not believe there is another employee for the College who is more directly responsible for keeping the College up and running.”

Adam Woody, Continuing Education Instructor of the Year

Adam Woody is a welding instructor in our Continuing Education division.  Adam received numerous nominations from his students, including one from his entire Introduction to Welding class. They described him as “the personification of what Continuing Education is all about: Personal and professional growth and enrichment through lifelong learning.”

Service Awards for 2018-19

A-B Tech employees were honored for their years of service to the college during a ceremony May 8. Years are based on full-time employment for the fiscal 2018-19 year.

Five Years:

Tracy Anders                          Instructor, Criminal Justice Technology

Donald Babb                         Instructor, Criminal Justice Technology

Amber Baker                         Coordinator, Industry Training Administration Program

Catherine Ball                       Specialist, Testing Center

C. Audra Bassett-Touchell   Instructor, Biology

Jennifer Bosworth                 Chair, Early Childhood Education

Terry Brasier                         Vice President, Student Services

Rene Brooks                         Instructor, Radiography

Fiona Chrystall                     Director, Curriculum Assurance and Assessment

Carla Coombs                     Specialist, Transcript Evaluation

Summer Cortinas                Coordinator, Engagement

Paula Covert                       Instructor, Dental Assisting

Sharon Cupstid                  Assistant Director, Madison

John Erwin                          Coordinator, Advanced Manufacturing Center

Susan Fender                      Instructor, Medical Laboratory Technology

Richard Gibson                 Chair, Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration

Kerri Glover                      Executive Director, Community Relations & Marketing

Claire Golcher                    Library Assistant, Public Service & Cataloging Support

Ben Goliwas                      Instructor, Computer Technologies

Anthony Green                    Chair & Lead Instructor, Emergency Medical Science

Emma Harper                       Assistant, Continuing Education

Peggy Higgins                      Librarian, Systems & Access Services

Jeffrey Irvin               Chair, Brewing, Distillation, & Fermentation and Director,  Craft Beverage Institute of the Southeast

Darren Isbell             Instructor, Computer Technologies

Michael Keller                  Chair, Welding Technology

Kevin Kimrey            Director, Economic & Workforce Development

Kristina Kirchner      Analyst, Compensation & Data Management

Marie Knight             Coordinator, Laboratory

Deanna Littrell          Instructor, Nursing

Kimberly Litz             Specialist, Mathematics & Science

Rebecca Loli            Director, Transitional Studies

Marie Long                Administrative Assistant, Workforce Programs

Christina Manee      Instructor, Biology

Kristina McCall         Instructor, Nursing

Andy McNeal            Coordinator & Lead Instructor, Aerospace Manufacturing

Cindy Moore             Instructor, Mathematics

Shannon Moser       Instructor, Computer Integrated Machining

Shelly Pangburn      Administrator, Learning Management System

Alan Presnell            Police Sergeant

Angella Richards     Administrative Assistant, Community Relations & Marketing

Susan Schwarz        Instructor, Chemistry

Sharon Smith                    Coordinator, Academic Learning Center

Jennifer Tracy                       Instructor, Developmental Math

Capper Tramm                     Lab Manager, Biology

Jennifer Trometer    Instructor, Criminal Justice Technology

Elizabeth Watkin      Instructional Designer

Beverly Williamson  Instructor, English

Aixa Wilson               Coordinator, Financial Aid Packaging

Allison Yelton           Programmer Analyst III


10 Years

Spencer Black              Coordinator, Multimedia Production

Doreen Campbell    Instructor, Cosmetology

Leronica Casey            Coordinator, Scholarships & Donor Relations

Alec Fehl                   Instructor, Computer Technologies

Brenda Fisher                   Program Director, Dental Hygiene

Christian Franklin              Instructor, Basic Skills

Jonathan Grunder            Associate Director, Financial Aid

Nita Kirkpatrick         Associate Chair, Nursing

Eddie Knies              Instructor, Automotive

Lynn Lewis                Instructor, Chemistry

Tambra Luppino              Chair, Spa Therapies & Instructor, Cosmetology

Karen Pruett              Coordinator, Clinical & Office Manager, Allied Dental

Darryl Rhymes                Associate Director, Human Resources & Special Assistant, President for Inclusion

Ellen Ryan                Coordinator, Events & Facilities

Tammy Sullivan                   Chair, Mathematics

Shanna Thomas-Hough      Associate Registrar

Monique Worley                   Instructor, Medical Laboratory Technology

15 years

April Birchfield       Chair, Social Sciences

Jennifer Browning         Instructor, English

David Carter                   Lead Technician, HVAC

Susan Donato                Library Assistant, Acquisitions & Interlibrary Loan

Scott Douglas                Analyst, Student Data

Lisa Edwards                  Courier

Kevin Fletcher                Instructor, Automotive

Michele Hathcock          Director, Title IX Compliance & Student Life Development

Deborah Henderson     Assistant, Continuing Education

Robin Keith                     Chair, Surgical Technology

Benson Metcalf              Analyst III, Infrastructure Systems

Jason Robinson Coordinator, Grounds

Nikola Romanenko       Groundskeeper

Shelley White                 Vice President, Economic & Workforce Development  and Continuing Education

20 years

Christy Andrews             Chair, Nursing

Gigi Derballa                  Chair, Humanities & Foreign Language

Ben Houston                  Instructor, Electronics

Petr Kolodich                  Maintenance Mechanic

Laurie Manley                Programmer Analyst III

Kelly Randolph                 Instructor, Business Administration

Walter Rapetski             Instructor, Hospitality Education

Misty Shuler                    Chair, Administrative & Medical Systems Technology

Ivan Kukharets                Groundskeeper

Paula Trilling                  Instructor, Biology

Sharon Trammel            Chair, Fine Arts

25 years

Glenna Gunter                Administrative Assistant, Allied Health

Stephen Maag                Recruiter & College Liaison, High School Programs

David Walker                  Chair, Transportation Technology

40 years

Sherry Lunsford Coordinator, Records & Registration

Pictured are RISE nominees Becky Watkins, Sarah Benson, Dana Moore and Cathy Strohm-Horton with President Dennis King.

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