Baker presents at WikiConference USA

Kasey Baker
November 11, 2015
Tech Talk

Adjunct political science faculty instructor Kasey Baker presented at the Wikipedia conference in October in Washington, D.C. on the topic “Disputed Notability,” which raises the question of how things get accepted or rejected within Wikipedia.

“Essentially I advocated for more academics to partner with Wikipedia to expand the articles on the site and improve the quality of existing articles. My workshop was specifically on how there is no real standard for who or what should be on Wiki or not,” Baker said. His talk was standing room only and well received, according to Baker.

As Wikipedia’s Southeast Regional Coordinator for their Education program from 2011-2015, Baker was responsible for training professors, librarians and other volunteers in how to help students create journal quality articles for Wikipedia. He was also Western Carolina’s Resident Campus Ambassador, where he assisted Masters level policy analysis classes in producing highly ranked Wikipedia articles for three years.

The most notable article Baker wrote is The Nuclear Energy Policy of the United States.  It is currently ranked as B class article and was reviewed by WikiMedia as one of the top three articles written by graduate students in 2011 as part of the Wikipedia Education program.




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