A-B Tech Chef Bugher Wins Regional Competition

Chef with pan on the stove
February 28, 2018
Tech Talk

Chef Christopher Bugher, a Culinary Instructor at A-B Tech, placed first with a gold medal in the Southeast regionals for the American Culinary Federation’s 2018 Chef of the Year. He will compete for the national title, July 15-18 in New Orleans.

Bugher was named the ACF Chef of the Year in West Virginia in 2011, is a coach for the college’s student hot food team and serves as treasurer for the WNC Chapter of the ACF. “It was a tough competition and there were great competitors,” he said. “I think what won it for me was my protein, knife cuts and tournées.”

This win is truly reflective of Chef Bugher’s professionalism and dedication to his craft, as well as his commitment to being a role model for students,” said Christina Harley, Director and Chair of Culinary Arts. “We are extremely proud of Chef’s accomplishment. He has just begun and incredible journey and we will continue to support his efforts all the way to New Orleans.”

To prepare for competition Bugher, a Certified Executive Chef, practiced two times a week creating four portions of an entrée. “There is a lot of planning and organizing that had to be done. I had to come up with a menu that uses as many different cooking methods that can be done within the allotted time period,” he said.

Bugher will receive the format for the national competition in a few months, but until he knows exactly what he needs to prepare he will be doing research and development on menus and practice his competencies. “The process never ends to improve your education and your skills,” he said.


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