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Madison Campus Welding Club Home Page

Click for the upcoming Madison Campus welding class schedule.


The Madison Campus Welding Club offers a way of doing many things at once:

  • Becoming a more self-sustainable program.
  • Producing something that the community can use.
  • Repairing farm equipment or whatever is needed, under our guidelines (for a donation).
  • Teaching students how to weld on live projects after they have proven themselves on welding coupons.
  • Getting the word out about our classes!

Please check out some of our products and the items that we have created and repaired.

Everything for sale was crafted by the students!

We are open to custom projects and services!


We hope to see you soon:

  • In class
  • At one of our BBQ's
  • At one of our sales events
  • Or just to take a tour and give us ideas for the future


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We love to teach AND learn at A-B Tech!

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