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Course Syllabus Information

Rights, Responsibilities, and Procedures

Information on Rights, Responsibilities, and Procedures is located on A-B Tech's website at the following link: Current Catalog.  Specific items can be located in the 2019-20 Catalog on the following pages:

  • Student Rights and Responsibilities are located on pages 42-76
  • Code of Student Conduct is located on pages 53-56
  • Code of Classroom Conduct is located on page 53
  • Academic Procedures (including to class attendance, schedule adjustments, etc.) are located on pages 78-84
  • Academic & Student Support Services are located on pages 85-89
  • Inclement Weather is located on page 90

Student Course Evaluation Overview

A complete overview of the student course evaluation process and how evaluations are used can be located at the following link: Student Course Evaluation Overview.

A-B Tech’s General Education Student Learning Outcomes

The following are the expected competencies students will develop:

  • Students will critically evaluate information
    • Students will demonstrate information literacy
    • Students will critique works of human expression
    • Students will analyze scientific literature
  • Students will solve problems
    • Students will identify processes
    • Students will analyze problems
    • Students will interpret results
    • Students will recommend appropriate strategies or solutions
  • Students will effectively communicate
    • Students will communicate appropriately for the subject
    • Students will communicate appropriately for the audience
    • Students will communicate appropriately for the medium

Records and Retention

Students should print a copy of the syllabus for each course they are enrolled in or download and retain an electronic version. If you transfer to a private college or university, or one that is out of North Carolina, you may need to provide a copy of the syllabus to receive credit. In the RECORDS RETENTION & DISPOSITION SCHEDULE, COLLEGES IN THE NORTH CAROLINA COMMUNITY COLLEGE SYSTEM, ( North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, Division of Archives and Records, Government Records Section, May 15, 2019), section 4.5, CLASS REPORTS FILE, files or documents such as a syllabus, will not be retained longer than 5 years (p. 26).