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Information from the "Guidelines for Students at Risk" Handout for Human Services Technology Majors

This handout can be obtained from your advisor or here through the A-BTech website.

Please be aware that human service professionals are at some risk for exposure to communicable diseases. Although many of the handout points do not apply directly to Human Services Technology/ Social Services majors, some do. Please be aware that the part of this handout under the subsection, "Requirements for Current Applicants and Students", does.

It reads as follows:

    "To protect the safety of A-B Tech students and those they come in contact with during clinical training, the following polices and procedures will apply to any applicant for or student enrolled in a health or related program.  Upon enrollment, the student must inform his/ her… department head of any medical, psychological, or psychiatric conditions that affect his/ her ability to provide safe clinical care.  The student will be required to be individually assessed by his/ her personal physician [or a licensed mental health professional] at his/ her own expense to determine eligibility for continuation of the program.  Eligibility for continuation will be based upon the following:  The potential harm that the individual poses to others; the ability of the individual to accomplish the objectives of the course curriculum; whether or not a reasonable accommodation can be made that will enable the student to safely and efficiently accomplish the objectives and/ or tasks of the course or curriculum without significantly exposing the student or other persons to the risk of infection."

All Human Service Technology majors are responsible for informing the Department Chair in a prompt fashion about  any previous, current, or newly developing medical, psychological, and psychiatric conditions that might interfere with their successful completion of the program, especially internship.