Human Services Technology

Advisement/Registration for Human Services Technology Majors

How to Set Up An Advisement/ Registration Appointment

  1. When an advisement/ registration period occurs for an up-and-coming semester, you should contact the Hemlock Building secretary by calling 828-254-1921 x 355 to request an advisement appointment.
  2. The secretary will schedule you with the program advisor based upon the advisor's availability.
  3. Please be aware that you do not have to register on the first day that you are eligible to register, and that the program advisor has several other demands on her time that impact her availability.
  4.  Advisement/ registration appointments usually begin after the up-and-coming semester's printed version of curriculum schedule comes out and cannot begin until the printed version comes out.
  5. You should be certain that your appointment time does not conflict with a time when you are supposed to be in any class.
  6. Before meeting with your advisor, you are encouraged to write out a prospective course schedule for the up-and-coming semester that is based upon degree requirements, your financial aid requirements, and your personal needs.
    •  You can pick up a copy of a “Curriculum Schedule” for the semester that you plan to take courses in at the Bailey Building or you can access it through the College’s website at
    • Additionally, you can use “WebAdvisor” which is located at this address to develop your course schedule.
    • When selecting courses through the use of a printed copy of the curriculum schedule, pay attention to course sections that are listed with an indented line underneath them.
      • Such information includes additional meeting times for the course that you must participate in order to successfully complete the course.
    • When selecting courses, also pay attention to prerequisite and corequisite information, the course meeting location, the recommended order of course completion for majors, your financial aid requirements, the course format, and the information provided in the "Human Services Technology Student Handbook".
  7. You can check the cost of your books, prepay for them, and pay your tuition on-line through the College’s website at
    • The College bookstore and Business Office are located in the Bailey Building.
  8. If you have outstanding fees with the College, this can prevent you from being able to enroll in coursework.