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Job Seeking Skills


Take the stress out of your job search and overcome personal barriers. Discover through in-class assessments the career path that best suits you. Learn techniques for a successful interview. Explore work behavior skills that help you keep a job and advance in the workplace. Improve your basic computer knowledge and create a resume.

Working Smart

This course is designed for individuals with barriers to employment, providing them with opportunities to learn critical, work-related interpersonal skills and insights. Each lesson teaches a specific soft skill or insight in-demand with area employers. Two decades of research indicates that individuals with soft skills such as these are more attractive to employers and more successful in the workplace. For more information about this class, and when and where it will be offered, please call 828-398-7334.

Enhancing Your Networking Skills to Land a Better Job

This training will include introductions to established and credible networking groups in our community and the benefits they offer in building your professional image as well as opening exciting job prospects. This two-day class will also include discussions based on the principals of the book, "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. These techniques will involve learning essential conversational skills that can build important relationships and open up new career opportunities and will examine interpersonal methods for in-person, email and social media contacts. Class will include tutorials on setting up a Linkedin account and will feature a guest speaker from a prominent networking and business relations group. For more information, call Goodwill at 828-298-9023.

Maximizing Interview Skills

Interviewing causes everyone all over the world some anxiety, but better preparation and knowledge about the interviewing process will decrease your anxieties. This class is designed to help you curb your nervousness, feel more confident and stand out from the crowd. You will learn how to interview from start to finish and develop a written plan of action for your job search. You will learn how to answer the new behavioral/situational type interview questions, dress for your interview, interview dos and don'ts and tips for cover letters and resumes. Don't be left out, sign up today for the next class and get prepared to be hired. 

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