Honors Program



The Honors Program is an interdisciplinary learning communities approach to education that emphasizes interdependence between disciplines and encourages students to see their education as a comprehensive experience. It also includes a leadership course to be taken in one of the summer semesters.

The Honors Program includes linked general education courses to provide a holistic approach to general education, thus making general education a program rather than a checklist of classes.

Courses that make up the Honors Program are:

  • IDS I: World Civilizations I (HIS 111) and Expository Writing (ENG 111)
  • IDS 2: Social Diversity (SOC 225) and Literature-Based Research (ENG 113)
  • IDS 3: Survey of Chemistry (CHM 135) and Public Speaking (COM 231)
  • IDS 4: World Civilizations II (HIS 112) and Human Values and Meaning (HUM 220)
  • Summer IDS – Leadership (HUM 230) –


Students are eligible for the program if they have one or more of these credentials:

-       Score of 100 or more on Accuplacer English/Reader

-       SAT score of 1200 or better

-       ACT score of 23 or better

-       GPA of 3.5 or better after 12 credits (not including developmental studies)

Students must maintain a GPA of 3.25 or higher while in the program.