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Students interested in applying for our Allied Health programs, including all other G.O.T. students, must complete FOCUS 2 prior to meeting with an academic advisor to be eligible to finish the verification/selection process. If you have met all requirements listed under "Eligible Students" yet are experiencing difficulty accessing FOCUS 2, then please contact The average time for completing the entire assessment is about 45 minutes; modules can be completed one at a time. FOCUS 2 will save all results.


FOCUS 2 is a self-paced online career and educational planning system for curriculum students at A-B Tech. This system can assist you with career exploration, major selection, and educational planning. A-B Tech majors are included and matched with your results!


It is highly recommended that students take Career Exploration Part I and II in the Bailey building. Sign up for your session today by selecting Schedule or Cancel Your Appointment (left side of this page).


ELIGIBLE STUDENTS must be current curriculum students or have applied to the College as a curriculum student.


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  • Click the blue book below for your introduction.
  • Click below for your workbook (optional).


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  • USERNAME is your A-B Tech student email address.
  • PASSWORD is your A-B Tech student ID number. If your number begins with "0" or "00", then follow this example: "00xx448" should be entered as "xx448"


Click here to download your introduction to FOCUS 2. Click here to download your workbook.

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