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Fall Semester


Important Dates


July 1st: PRIORITY DEADLINE Returning students who have received an award letter by this date will have their classes held.

August 1st: PRIORITY DEADLINE New students who have received an award letter by this date will have their classes held.


Financial Aid Disbursement

- Occurs *September 10th, **October 10th, November 10th, and December 10th.

- If the 10th of the month is on a weekend, the scheduled disbursement will occur the prior Friday.

- Review your Self-Service account for anticipated refund details.

* For classes beginning 8/19.

** First time loan borrowers will receive their first loan disbursement in October.


Bookstore Purchases with Financial Aid

- One week before full-term classes begin through first two weeks of the term.

- October 9th - October 19th



October 15th: Deadline to complete all loan requirements (MPN, Entrance Counseling, Financial Aid Matters).

First time loan borrowers will receive their first loan disbursement in October.


Financial Aid Availability

Your financial aid award package for fall can be reviewed in Self-Service. Once you register, please wait 24 hours for the system to refresh and then go to Self-Service Finance to check your fall award.

> To receive the "Maximum Award" amount specified in your account, you must have completed, or be actively attending, the requisite number of credit hours for each award:

Award Maximum Award Credit Hour Requirement
Pell Grant 12 + credit hours
NCCCG 15 + credit hours
NCELS  12 + credit hours
Loans 6 + credit hours

Remember, late start and minimester credit hours are not factored into your financial aid eligibility until 10 days before they start. If you are registered for these classes, your financial aid disbursement(s) may be delayed. 

To receive a loan disbursement, you must be actively attending, or have already completed, a minimum of 6 in-program credit hours. Loans are disbursed in multiple payments throughout the semester. Review our "Loans" section on this page for details. 

To receive a state grant disbursement, you must be actively attending, or have already completed, a minimum of 6 in-program credit hours.


Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (FASAP)

  • To receive financial aid for fall, you must be meeting FASAP.
  • Your progress for fall semester will be determined by May 15th. Log in to your Self-Service account to check your status. 
  • If you are not meeting FASAP, please do not begin your fall classes unless you are paying cash. 
  • During the timeframe specified below, you may submit an FASAP Appeal Request for fall.



May 15th - July 15th: During this timeframe, you may submit an FASAP Appeal Request for the fall semester. Appeals will not be accepted after this date. Before doing so, please review our Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (FASAP) policy and our Appeal ProcessIf your Appeal is Upheld, you must submit a completed Academic Plan to the Financial Aid Office on or before August 1st, by 12:00 p.m.

You must submit FASAP Appeal Requests to the Financial Aid Office in person, unless you have made alternate arrangements with a financial aid staff member.

Students may only submit one FASAP Appeal Request per academic year.

Students who successfully appeal Maximum Timeframe suspensions must graduate within the academic year of their upheld FASAP Appeal Request. 


Special Circumstances (income adjustment) Request

Fall Students: March 1st - August 15th: During this timeframe, you may submit a Special Circumstances Request. Requests will not be accepted after this date.

Requests submitted during this timeframe, if approved, will see any related aid adjustments processed and made active for Fall and Spring semesters.

Special Circumstances Requests are not processed for the Summer semester.

Special Circumstances Requests will generally take 4-6 weeks to be reviewed and processed (if approved).

By appointment only.


Uniform Purchases with Financial Aid

If you are using financial aid for your uniform purchases, please note the important information detailed below to ensure that you are properly prepared for the upcoming semester.

In order to process uniform charges against your financial aid, you will need to attend one of the 2 open house days at our financial aid partner, Reads Uniform Center, located at 123 Sweeten Creek Rd, Asheville, NC 28803.

Tuesday July 24th from 2:00pm – 7:00pm or Wednesday July 25th from 10:00am – 3:00pm.

There will be representatives from the A-B Tech business office to verify and bill your financial aid along with the Reads staff to help with uniform requirements and fittings. This will give both the business office and Reads enough time to complete your order and confirm that you have your uniform on the 1st day of class.  If you do not come to one of the 2 open house days, you will be required to pay out of pocket for your uniforms.

If you are not using financial aid to make your uniform purchase, you are not required to attend the open house sales dates, and can purchase your uniform at your preferred uniform dealer such as Country Casuals, Uniform Destination, etc. as long as it conforms to your program’s requirements.


Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance for a student is an estimate of that student's educational expenses for the period of enrollment. Your federal aid (grants, loans) cannot exceed this cost. The Financial Aid Office will award you the maximum amount of financial aid for which you are eligible, not to exceed your cost of attendance.