From left to right: Lisa York, Jennifer Browning, Beverly Williamson, Jessica White, Erik Moellering, Heather Vaughn, Bonnie Gardner, Maggie Poist, Constance Oliver

Welcome To The English Department

Department Overview

In concert with A-B Tech's mission of dedication to student success, the English Department works cooperatively with all of the College's programs to ensure that English courses will be of benefit to students in their chosen programs and careers.  English faculty teach online, hybrid, and traditional courses. Above all, the mission of the English Department is to promote the value of learning, self-worth, and cooperation with others.  To fulfill that mission, English courses are designed with intentionality to help students hone oral and written communication skills, sharpen critical thinking, celebrate achievement, and cultivate an awareness of the importance of contributing to community while working to reach personal goals.


Class Descriptions

ENG 011

The focus of ENG 011 is supporting student success in ENG 111. Common assignments include growth mindset activities, reading/writing response and reflection, and essay writing support. The best part of ENG 011 is the supportive environment. Suggested materials to have on hand include the ENG 111 textbook and note-taking supplies.


ENG 110

The focus of ENG 110 is workplace writing and communication. Common assignments include a resume, cover letter, email and report writing. The best part of ENG 110 is learning real-life work skills that are beneficial in getting and keeping a job. Suggested materials to have on hand include a student’s specific career or program information, such as job/program descriptions and contact information for someone in the field. 


ENG 111

The focus of ENG 111 is to help students create a toolkit which will help them with all of their academic writing, but especially the academic essay. Common assignments include grammar/punctuation exercises and quizzes, journal entries, short essays, and a departmental final. The best part of ENG 111 is showing students that writing isn’t something foreign, mysterious, and magical to which they don’t have access and that they, too, can be writers with a little patience and effort. Suggested materials to have on hand include the textbook, pen, paper, and a USB drive.


ENG 112

The focus of ENG 112 is writing and thinking in a variety of fields. Common assignments include a literature response journal, short story and poetry analysis, and analysis of a current issue. The best part of ENG 112 is fantastic readings and discovering the surprising connections between works of literature and the most pressing issues of our time. Suggested materials to have on hand include favorite note-taking supplies and reliable internet for Moodle and research.


ENG 114

The focus of ENG 114 is professional writing and communication based on the student’s field of study. Common assignments include formal letters and emails, job-hunting materials, report writing, practice interviewing, and production of professional presentations. The best part of ENG 114 is writing and researching in the student’s field of study. Students pick their own course of study and take an in-depth look into issues and innovations in their field. Students must have access to the Internet to successfully complete this course.


ENG 125

Students in ENG 125 practice skills and strategies related to creative writing, such as image-making, character-building, and the development of energy and tension. (Though the course primarily covers fiction, poetry, and dramatic dialogue, the strategies explored can be applied to all creative writing genres.) Common assignments include brief in-class writing, reader-response forums, writing workshops, and three major writing assignments: short fiction, poetry, and dramatic dialogue. All students finish the semester with a revised portfolio that reflects their growth over the semester. The best part about ENG 125 is the discovery that everyone has creative potential, and that with practice, each of us can tap into rich imaginative worlds. Suggested materials to have on hand include a dedicated journal/notebook.