Employee Directory

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Last Name
Paige Waldron
Adjunct Instructor
Behavioral Sciences
Kara Walker
Chief of Police/Security
Campus Police & Security
David Walker
Chair Transportation Technology
Automotive Systems Technology / Diesel & Heavy Equipment
Joseph Walker
Adjunct Instructor
Computer-Integrated Machining
David Walker
PT CE Instructor
Basic Skills Programs
Heather Wallen
Instructor, Nursing 12 Month
Caitlyn Wallin
PT Bookstore Associate
Business Office
Charles Wallin
Instructor, Bct 9 Mo
Computer Technologies
Monica Walls
Instructor, Nursing
Alexander Walton
Academic Learning Center
Joshua Walton
PT CE Instructor
Basic Skills Programs
Jenna Walton
PT Bookstore Associate
Business Office
Tammy Ward
Coordinator, Moves & Set Ups
Plant Services & Bldg Maint
Terry Ward
Adjunct Instr, Electrical Eng
Electrical Systems Technology
Roger Warren
Adjunct Instructor, BLET
Basic Law Enforcement Trng
Billy Warren
MaintMaintenance Mechanic/General Maintenance/Safety Techenance Mechanic/General M
Plant Services & Bldg Maint
Paige Warwick
Academic Fieldwork Coordinator, Occupational Theratre
Occupational Therapy Assistant
Eleanor Waters
WIOA Senior Case Manager
NC Works
Elizabeth Watkin
Specialist, Training Design &
Professional Development
Becky Watkins
Purchasing Agent
Business Services
Eric Watts
Adjunct Instructor, Business Administration
Business Administration Department
Andrew Waycaster
Adjunct Instructor, BLET
Basic Law Enforcement Trng
John Weatherford
Adjunct Instructor, Accounting
Andrew Weatherly
Specialist, Language Arts, Reading and Social Studies
Transitional Studies
Melissa Weatherman
Adjunct Instructor, Success Study Skills
Academic Related Instruction