Employee Directory

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Last Name
Alyse Tait
Adjunct Developmental Math/Eng/Rea & ACA Instructor
Developmental Math
Lori Tapp
Chair, Veterinary Medical Technology
Veterinary Medical Technology
Clarence Tate
Facilities Project Technician
Business and Finance/Plant Operations
Deborah Tatko
Angela Taylor
Adjunct Instructor, Cosmetology
William Taylor
Adjunct Instructor Business Administration
Business Administration
Charles Taylor
Adjunct Instructor, MLT
Medical Laboratory Technology
Tanya Taylor
Nursing Assistant Instructor
Con Ed, Health Occupations
Monique Taylor
Adjunct Instructor, Accounting
Mayo Taylor
Part Time Librarian
Russell Taylor
Director, Library Services
Academic Success
Leslie Temme
Instructor, Human Services Technology
Human Services Technology
Spencer Tetrault
Adjunct Instructor
Tammy Thacker
Adjunct Instructor, Medical Sonography
Medical Sonography
Mackenzie Thomas
Adjunct Health & PE Instructor
Arts & Sciences
Mimi Thomas
Assistant, Financial Aid
Contessa Thomas
Adjunct Veterinarian Instructor
Veterinary Medical Tecnology
Hannah Thomas
Adjunct Clinical Instructor
Surgical Technology
Sam Thomas
Adjunct Instructor
Leigh Thomas
Adjunct Instr Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice Technology
Vicki Thompson
PT Academic Advisor
Juanisha Thompson
Roderick Thompson
Plant Ops
Derick Tickle
PT CE Instructor
Community Enrichment
Sheila Tillman
Associate Dean
Hospitality Education