Employee Directory

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Last Name
Robert Sadler
Adjunct Instructor, Welding
Welding Technology
Alikhan Salehi
Coordinator, Transfer and Distance Services
Student Advising & Support Services
William Salyers
Adjunct Instructor BLET
Donna Sampson
Bookstore Associate
Business Office
Charles Sams
Adjunct Instructor
William Sanderson
Adjunct Instructor Biology
Arts & Sciences
Julie Sargent
Adjunct Instructor Social Work
Social Services, Allied Health & Public Services
Cecile-Marie Sastre
History Instructor
Social Sciences
Darrell Saucier
Adjunct Instructor, Criminal Justice
Marek Sawicki
Instructor, Therapeutic Massag
Therapeutic Massage
Christopher Sawyer
EMS CE Adjunct Instructor
Anita Sayles
ABE/GED Prep Instructor
Basic Skills
Angela Scarduzio
Teacher Assistant
Weekday Early Education Center
Nora-Leah Schachter
CE, Instructor, Occupational Training
Barbara Schaefer
PT CE Instructor
Instructional Services
Charles Schilling
BCEC Health and Physical Education Instructor
Kristen Schlaefer
Adj Instr Success Study Skills
Freshman Seminar
Keelin Schneider
Adjunct Instructor
Sarah Schober
Director of Food and Natural Products
Amanda Schoonover
Adjunct Instructor Biology
Biology, Arts & Sciences
Korah Schwab
Adjunct Instr, Nursing A.D.N.
Associate Degree Nursing
Susan Schwarz
Instructor, Chemistry
Aurethia Scott
CE, Instructor, Occupational T
Occupational & Public Srv Trng
Eva Scruggs
Adjunct Instructor Humanities
Arts & Sciences
Jonathan Scruggs
PT BLET Lab Assistant
Law Enforcement Health & Public Services