Employee Directory

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Last Name
James Naber
Adjunct Instructor
Dara Narsiff
Administrative Assistant, Alli
Emergency Medical Services
Karen Neal
Adj Instr, Dev. Math/Eng/Rea
Developmental Math
Jillian Nelson
Mechanical Engineering Tech
Heath Nettles
Adjunct Business Administration Instructor
Business, Business & Hospitality
Yolanda Newhouse
Writing Center Assistant
Writing Center
Gary Newlin
CE Instructor Community Service
Special Programs Continuing Education
Joetta Newman-Holder
Instructor, Vet Med Tech
Veterinary Medical Technology
Charles Newsom
Adjunct Instructor
Raymond Nightingale
Adjunct Instructor
Instructional Services
Teresa Nix
Pt Ce Secretary, Health Occupa
Occupational Extension
Shelly Nixon
Adjunct Instructor
Montana Norris
Technician, Moves & Setups
Plant Services & Bldg Maint
Virginia Norton
Instructor Office Systems Technology
Rita Norton
GED Instructor
Basic Skills