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Last Name
Stephen Maag
Advisor, Academic Success/College Liaison
Career Pathways/Early College
Raymond Maas
Adjunct Instructor, Aviation Management
Aviation Management & Career Pilot Technology
Eleanor Macken
Adjunct Instructor, English
Shane Mackey
PT CE Instructor
Basic Skills Programs
Stefanie Magura
PT Access Support Technician
Student Services
Sarah Maher
Adjunct Instructor
Academic Related Instruction
Daniel Mancuso
Chair, Electrical, Electronics Eng and Computer Eng Tech
Engineering and Applied Technology
Christina Manee
Instructor, Biology
Roger Maney
PT CE Instructor
Basic Skills Programs
Patrick Manion
Computer Lab Aide
Student Information Services
Laurie Manley
Programmer Analyst III
Information Technology
Beverly Manley
CE Instructor, HRD/OCC, Ashevi
Human Resources Development (H
Michael Manning
CE, Instructor, Occupational T
Occupational & Public Srv Trng
Mallory Mansfield
Adjunct Instr, Nursing A.D.N.
Melissa Maranville
Adjunct Instructor, Psychology & Sociology
Behavioral Sciences
Mary Marett
PT CE Instructor
Instructional Services
James Marshall
Adjunct Instructor Math
Nelrose Martin
Adjunct Instructor Nursing A.D.N.
Shawn Martin
Adjunct Instructor, BLET
Basic Law Enforcement Trng
Kim Martin
Adjunct Instructor BLET
Law Enforcement Health & Public Services
Sarah Martin
Adjunct Instructor, MLT
Medical Laboratory Technology
Valerie Martin
Instructor, Math-9 Month
Sawyer Martin
John Martin
Adjunct Instr, Beh/Soc Science
Kimberly Martin-Engel
PT Interpreter Special Needs
Student Services