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Last Name
Taryn Jackson
CE, Instructor, Com Serv
Community Service Programs: S
Alfred Jackson
Adjunct Instructor, Aviation M
Aviation Mgmt and Career Pilot
Whitney Jackson
Adjunct Instr, Nursing A.D.N.
Associate Degree Nursing
Malcombe Jackson
Adjunct Instructor, BLET
Basic Law Enforcement Trng
Darin Jackson
Emergency Services Academy
Douglas Jackson
Adjunct Instructor, Spanish
Humanities/Foreign Languages
Marlene Jacoby
Adjunct Biology Instructor
Biology, Arts & Sciences
Toni James-Manus
Adjunct Instructor, ABE Foundations
Transitional Studies
Nicole Jeannette
Adjunct Instructor Cosmetology
Spa Therapies & Operations
James Jenkins
Adjunct Instructor Humanities
Humanities/Fine Arts, Arts & Sciences
Jeremy Jenkins
Adjunct Instructor, BLET
Helen Jett
PT CE Instructor
Basic Skills Programs
Eugenia Jimeson
Acting Chair, Veterinary Med
Veterinary Medical Technology
828-254-1921 ext. 7613
Lothar Jobczyk
PT CE Instructor
Instructional Services
Crystal Johnson
Adjunct Geology Instructor
Chemistry & Physics
Carolyn Johnson
Writing Center Coordinator/Instructor
Academic Success
Lana Johnson
Adjunct Instructor
Hospitality Management
Stephanie Johnson
PT CE Instructor
Basic Skills Programs
Samantha Johnson
Instructor, Psychology 9 Month
Josiah Johnston
Adjunct Instr, Beh/Soc Science
Scott Johnston
Adjunct Instructor, ABE/High School Equivalency
Basic Skills Programs
Janice Johnston
Transitional Studies Specialis
Basic Skills Programs
Frances Jones
Instructor, Cosmetology
Ina Jones
CE Instructor, ESL, Asheville
Basic Skills Programs
Susan Jones
PT Library Assistant, LRC
Learning Resource Center